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Jim Mills - Director/Owner at Planners Point
"Planiam have fantastic paraplanners to work with. The plans have always met SLA’s and have been accurate and comprehensive."
Lorena Millett - Authorised Representative of Apogee Financial Planning Ltd
"I am very impressed with the SOA’s Planiam prepare. I have never had so many SOA’s come back from a paraplanner that I haven’t had to make amendments on. I really like the templates as well. Much easier to read than the standard ones"
Chris Tornow- Licensed Financial Planner, Gow-Gates Financial Services Pty Ltd
"I need fast turnarouns with the preparation of financial advice and recommendations for my clients. Planiam has demonstrated the ability to perform well within expectations every time, on time."
Howard Ghedia -Licensed Financial Planner, The Adviser Group (Australia) Pty Ltd
"I have known Peter for more than 3 years as s a paraplanner. Peter is a dedicated professional and provides a personal financial solutions. We outsourced all our paraplanning service to Planiam and they provide a quality service that I highly recommend anybody to use. I thoroughly vouch Peters honesty, integrity, loyalty and his professionalism. Peter is highly regarded by my fellow financial planners in the group I belong to."
David Hasib - Founder PATRON Financial Advice & SMSFcentral
"It was great working with Peter Tuite – a professional and hard working approach, assured him of results that mattered."
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